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Best Fast Food Breakfast: The Tasty and Healthy Options

Is it possible to have such thing as the best fast food breakfast? When you hear about fast food, you probably have related it to the idea of unhealthy eating menu and options. But there are actually some promising –and they are quite tasty, really – breakfast menu from some of the well known fast food joints. They aren’t only healthy but also tasty, so it is like the win-win solution for everyone. When you come to these joints, you don’t have to worry about anything anymore. Enjoy the breakfast and get ready for the whole day!

Best Fast Food Breakfast: Some of the Options

One of the best fast food breakfast menus is the Quinoa Oatmeal, Panera. It has the combination of being nutritious and also tasty. Everyone knows that oatmeal is super rich in vitamins and minerals and it is Quinoa, one of the best oatmeal. You can really enjoy the fibrous meal without doubt. You can find this menu at Breakfast Favorites, with total 290 calories so it is not too low and yet not too high either. Thanks to the 8 gram protein, it can fill you up and make you stay full to lunch time. It is also good to strengthen your muscles. It has 6 gram fat which is quite low and 51 gram carbohydrate, which is quite moderate but you may want to watch what you have for the snack time. It is packed with fiber and protein – a lethal combo that will improve your health while keeping your waist number small.

Another alternative for the best fast food breakfast is the cheese and egg sandwich. It has 360 calories but the good news is that it would be enough for your entire morning – and you won’t be too hungry for lunch. Who wouldn’t have a mouth watering moment to see the flatbread sandwich loaded with vegetables, cheese, and eggs? It is rich in protein, although it may be loaded with sodium. If you have heart issue, you may want to be careful about it. But the nutritional facts are obvious. 360 calories aren’t high – it is just right. With 19 gram protein, it will definitely fill you up and strengthen your muscles. It has a good combination of 12 grams fat which is pretty okay and 44 grams carbs that would fulfill 15% of the daily needs. But it has 860 milligram sodium which is more than half of the daily needs. It may not be the healthiest fast food breakfast but it does have its own perk.

Best Fast Food Breakfast: Other Alternatives

Of course, there are still other alternatives that you can choose for your daily needs. The Egg McMuffic, has 300 calories that will fulfill your morning needs just fine. Or you can also try the Feta and Spinach Wrap from Starbucks, having 290 calories. It is super tasty and nice – perfect for your morning coffee. If you prefer having juice, donuts, and also bread, go to Dunkin’ Donuts. They have this nice Egg White Flatbread with 280 calories. It is included in the best fast food breakfast list for a reason – you should try it!


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