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Best Fast Food Salad: The Various Alternatives

Have you ever heard such thing as the best fast food salad? You probably think, what a contradictive claim! It is salad and yet it is included as a fast food. Well, actually, the salad comes from fast food joints with the idea that they aren’t only providing the greasy and unhealthy, calorie-packed foods but they also provide the healthier choices. What should you know about these salads? Are they truly healthy or is it just your wishes and imagination of having the less-calorie foods?

Best Fast Food Salad: The Facts

In terms of choosing the best fast food salad, you need to carefully and smartly choose the right options. Just because salads are mostly consisting of green veggies and fruits, it doesn’t always mean that they are healthier – not if you choose the wrong type of dressings and toppings. If you still go for the mayo, cheese-packed dressings, forget that you are eating healthily. You are actually taking in the same calories as eating those burgers and fries. If you really want to choose the healthy salad, careful option should be made.

Best Fast Food Salad: What Are Your Options?

But don’t you worry as there ARE some of the best fast food salad options from some of the popular fast food joints. They are truly healthy – not just the claim that they are beneficial for your health. They are made with the right ingredients and careful arrangement in the healthy eating regime. So, what are they?

  • Turkey Roast Farmhouse Salad from Arby’s. This is one of the healthiest and yet tastiest salad every made – and the great thing is, it only packs 230 calories with total fat only 13 gram. They use different kinds of green lettuce for the fresh and crunchy taste. And thanks to the combination of tomatoes, pieces of roasted turkey, cheddar cheese, and pepper bacon, this salad isn’t awful. In fact, it is super nice.
  • Grilled Chicken Original Salad from Carl’s Jr. It has a total calories of 280 with 12 grams of fat. Who can say no to Carl’s Jr.? This salad is super nice. Sure, their superior grilled chicken is certainly tasty. But would you be surprised to know that the veggies are the true winner? The onions, tomatoes, and cucumbers aren’t only fresh but super delicious. You would want to have more and more and more.
  • Grilled Chicken Southwest Salad from McDonald. With 12 grams of fat and 350 calories, this salad is fulfilling and refreshing. It has a nice mix of kale and spinach, as well as the grilled chicken for additional flavor. And they have a lime wedge, black beans, cheddar cheese (and also jack cheese), and tomatoes to give it the right punch.

Of course, your options for the best fast food salad doesn’t stop there as you can expect the Grilled Chicken option from Jack in the Box (having 245 calories) or the Steak Salad from Chipotle (having 220 calories). The options are truly limitless!

If you want to, you can try to alternate the various different options. After all, going to the fast food joints doesn’t always mean bad. With these best fast food salad, you can expect a healthier consumption.


Best Fast Food Burger: Tasty and Healthy Burgers

When you hear something like the best fast food burger, you want to make sure that it is also best for your health – and it is not always an easy feat because fast food is always identical with grease, trans fat, and high cholesterol. However, don’t give out hope just yet because there are some of the best and also healthiest options, if you want to take a closer look. If you know which burger joint to turn to, you should be okay.

Best Fast Food Burger: The Misleading Concept

Nowadays, when you talk about the best fast food burger, you won’t be talking about the healthiest meal ever because you know that these burgers may have gone through unhealthy processing methods involving fat, grease, and other unhealthy substances. In the old days, having a burger can be actually healthy. With the regular sized bun with a meat patty and some of the veggies like tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, and others, a burger is a great source of protein. Unfortunately, as time goes by, the ideal burger has been transformed into something big and commercial. They are made bigger, with more grease and calories.

However, it is a good thing that some of the fast food joints keep their logic straight by still having some of these healthy options. These menus may not be the healthiest fast food breakfast that you should try every day. But if you can manage your diet, and you can have them once in a while, it is possible that they keep you feeling full for longer period of time. You can still include them in your weight loss diet as long as you can manage your diet menu and later consumption carefully and smartly.

Best Fast Food Burger: Some of the Options

Here are some of the best fast food burger that you can consider for your consumption:

  • ButterBugger from Culver. This Midwestern fast food joint chain has the buttered bun that is lightly toasted with 100% pure ground beef patty. They don’t use the butter flavored spread; they use real butter to improve the taste. Because they toast the burger, it comes with a nice brownish color and crispy taste. A burger has 390 calories with 570 mg of sodium, 20 gram of protein, 17 gram of fat, and 39 gram of carbs.
  • Original Whataburger from Whataburger. Unlike the other burgers that have created their double patty bun, this Texas’ fast food joint comes with a single patty packed with fibrous contents – especially from their onions, pickles, tomatoes, and lettuce. This is one of the fast food joints where everything can be customized as they won’t pre-prepare anything before. So, if you want extra tomatoes or mayo, you can have it without fuss. A burger contains 590 calories with 1,220 mg of sodium, 29 gram of protein, 25 gram of fat, and 62 gram of carbs

Another option for the best fast food burger is Dave’s Single from Wendy’s. It’s a burger worth fighting for with the burger, cheese slices, and also the veggies. If you choose salad as the side dish, you can enjoy the healthy fibrous benefit.

These are just examples of the options for the tasty as well as the healthy burger. As long as you can manage your consumption, having these best fast food burger is worth it.

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