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How Many Carbs In Banana and Why You Must Know It

how many carbs in banana

You may concern with how many carbs in banana since you are at diet program. The carbs are not enough for your body. You also have to know how many calories in it. Luckily, we got this question covered below.

Most people know that banana is one of the healthiest fruits or even foods in this world. The reason behind it is because banana owns full of vitamins and minerals that are essential for our body. In addition, this fruit is also easy to grab while we are busy with our activities through the day. Those kinds of advantages lead banana to be the most popular fruits among athletes and those people who really concern with what they eat or consume every day. It doesn’t matter how large the banana because we can treat it as the main ingredient for our recipe every day.

The banana has yellow skin and a white surface after you peeled it. It is such a good snack when you feel hungry but you are at a tight diet program.


We focus on how many carbs in banana first before we measure how many calories in a banana. Based on the trusted researches and sites, a medium-sized banana is measured to have 27 gram of carbohydrates. The size must be about 120 grams or 4 oz. Many diet programmers eschew banana in their diet list since banana provides carbs inside. In bottom line, what they do isn’t truly correct because no-carbs diet doesn’t mean you don’t eat any food or fruit that owns carbs within it. Instead, eating banana doesn’t only provide you carbohydrates but also other essential nutrients for our health and body. These carbohydrates contain fiber and resistant starch. Banana is also popular because of its potassium and vitamin B6. A green banana is the one that contains a maximum number of those nutrients.

Losing weight doesn’t require us cutting all the carbohydrates. It prefers balancing the needs of our body every day. Losing some carbs might result unbalanced body nutrients instead. The best way to do it is to know the numbers of what you consume every day including how many carbs in banana.


The next number that you should measure is how many calories in your banana. According to the research, a medium-sized banana may contain 110 of total calories. We don’t want to elaborate the differences of carbs and calories here. But, we prefer to emphasize that you can measure the calorie intake to track how much energy we will receive from our food especially for bananas. Everybody in this world has his own daily minimum of calories. Without calories, we might not be survived through the day. Once again, we don’t really talk about the factors that influence how much calorie you must eat every day here.


How many carbs in banana must be straight with how many calories of the banana as well. Based on the measurement, you will be easier to pick how many banana you should eat in your diet program so that healthier lifestyle can be gained in easy way too.

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