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How Many Carbs In An Banana and The Truth Behind It

Do you know how many carbs in an banana? If you really care with what you eat every day, such question will be your daily thing to answer. Unfortunately, not all people love to eat banana. They either don’t know the benefits or just hate this popular fruit.

If you are now in a dilemmatic situation whether or not to eat banana, you should read this article thoroughly. We will define why banana is important and how many carbs in an banana for you. Most people are fearful to consume banana these days. Those questions may help them to understand the truth behind this yellow and lengthy fruit.

Here is the truth of banana

There was a research from the Appalachian State University. The researchers compared the nutrients inside bananas and a sport drinks so that we would know which one is better. The research was conducted in intense cycling. The result shows that bananas offer more advantages than a sport drink. In addition, this fruit also provides more nutrients and natural sugar for human’s body. Not only laboratory test, but also taking blood samples from trained cyclists was taken. The result shows the cyclists with bananas in their stomach had experienced greater performance and mood than drinking a sport drink.

From this research, how many carbs in an banana are really good for our metabolism. The natural sugar in the carbs doesn’t spark our insulin too much, while a sport drink comes with unnatural sugar instead. Moreover, the cyclists felt more moody to move their bicycle. This happened because of the calories inside the banana. How many calories in a banana also give our mood normal in natural way. This indicates that banana can be a very good snack when we really need to boost our energy. This is also the reason why athletes love consuming bananas in their competitive matches.

However, bananas aren’t only best for athletes surely. Many people who have no relation with athletic area would like to make some recipes with bananas as the main ingredients. Mostly, they create banana snack. This is caused by the carbs. For your information, bananas offer many carbs per bite rather than other fruits. You shouldn’t shun them before eating your diet program because they are lower in water. In addition, bananas are full with potassium that is helpful for condensing blood pressure. Potassium is also perfect to keep the muscle on the right track.

Tips on Choosing Banana

The carbohydrate intakes must be managed because carb overload isn’t good for our body. It will increase diabetes and even cancer. To choose the best bananas, pick the baby banana. It is the ones that have small size as well as your fingers. In specific measurement, it is about five inches.


The truth behind how many carbs in an banana has been revealed. What do you think? Do you prefer eating this fruit now? Of course, you need to start healthy life style through your diet firstly. Then, your low-carb diet will have greater chance to be successful.

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