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Weight Loss Breakfast Smoothie: How to Make the Perfect Health Shake

Is such thing as the weight loss breakfast smoothie really working? Well, it is, if you choose the right ingredients and you are dedicated in consuming one. Breakfast smoothie isn’t only good to help you lose weight but also to improve your overall health. If you can make a lifestyle change by choosing the right consumption, then you won’t have to worry about your health anymore.

Weight Loss Breakfast Smoothie: Managing the Daily Consumption

You are probably wondering, is it possible to have a combination of veggies and fruits for breakfast and then have a fulfilling effect? Why not? In fact, the combo is proven not only healthy but also fulfilling. It’s because they are packed with fiber and protein – both of them are responsible for the fulfilling effect. With these substances, you can be full for longer period of time and not be tempted to snack or binge. That’s why the weight loss breakfast smoothie is considered as one of the healthiest fast food breakfast you can fix on a daily basis – in terms that fixing such a smoothie is fast; it doesn’t take forever.

Another advantage of having this weight loss breakfast smoothie is the fact that they may be fulfilling but they won’t cause you feeling bloated or too full. When you consume breakfast packed with carbs, meat, and eggs, you may feel full – but only for a while. You will then feel sleepy and less energized because your blood sugar is spiking high – causing you to be drowsy and sleepy. That’s why it is better to have the fruity (and veggie) smoothie than the full breakfast packed with carbs.

Weight Loss Breakfast Smoothie: How to Make the Healthy Smoothie

There are some ways to make the smoothie properly and correctly. What are they?

  • It is better to add the ingredients one by one instead of mixing them all together. Place one ingredient first and wait until it blends well before adding another one.
  • For the fruits, there are two different options: the frozen fruit or the fresh one (and then you freeze it). Be sure to use the organic one.
  • It is okay to mix the fruit and veggie together but it would be best if you can find out which pair would be the best.
  • If you want to make a cold smoothie, you can add half a cup of ice cube. Put it into the blender the last.
  • It would be to avoid using extra sugar. You want to enjoy the smoothie in its natural taste. Adding sweetener will only ruin it and add up the calorie.

Weight Loss Breakfast Smoothie: Some Options

Here are some of the weight loss breakfast smoothie recipes to make:

  • Cream and peach oatmeal smoothie. Peach, oatmeal, Greek yogurt, almond milk, and vanilla extract can be blended together and then you can enjoy it.
  • Mango Coconut smoothie. Coconut milk, coconut flake, chia seed, and fresh mango can be mixed together. It would be better to soak the chia seed in a jar overnight before mixing it up.

Those are just some examples of the healthy smoothie for breakfast. There are plenty of them out there; you only need to find out more about the perfect weight loss breakfast smoothie for you.

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